NFR Inspired Cowgirl Roleplay

cowgirl roleplay picture

cowgirl roleplay pictureTelly and I had soooo much fun making this video!  We love it when the kinky cowboys come to town.

The first part is just over 6 minutes long.  In it I’m playing the sheriff that caught telly whoring it up in town and I’m going to punish her and teach her a lesson.  I spank her, whip her and use a riding crop on her behind turning a nice bright red.  At the end you get to see her naked as she confides that she’s scared I’ll hurt her.  We end with a passionate kiss since I’m so turned on I can’t help myself any longer.

The full video is only $6.95

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Not sure?  Got to the store to watch the preview.  If this is your first time you’ll have to get the password via email first.


Sensual Domination Part Four Of Four

One shy gentleman asked me to come and shave him.  After talking awhile and learning it wasn’t as much about power exchange as it was sensation for him, we had a terrific time.  Me having him turn this way and that.  Through the course of our conversation I learned that not only had he never shaved/been shaved, he’d also never had anal sex, licked a pussy or even touched one with his hands!  He decided to keep me for an extra hour and I gave him a complete lesson showing him the anatomy of my pussy and how to pleasure it.  He had the softest touch and his nervousness turned me on completely.

I was ready to fuck and put the condom on him.  He was afraid of cumming too quick and I told him not to worry, I just wanted him in me.  Sitting cowgirl style I sank down on him and just stayed still.  Then I lubed my ass hole and repeated with my ass.  A few moments passed and I began to rock slowly and a-rhythmically.  Eventually I was so turned on I couldn’t help myself – I started sliding up and down his dick and that is what made him cum!

Sensual Domination Part Three Of Four

I had my SPH (small penis humiliation), strap on and body worship appointment.  Turns out he likes to be used so much he’s resorted to seeing gay men so he can get fucked!

One session was in a hotel room with the most perfect chair!  After totally teasing and tantalizing him on the bed I bound him to the chair.  I also blindfolded him.  I made him ask permission before he came and I denied it several time.  His legs were completely spread open for me and when I finally said yes I stuck my finger in his ass to feel his orgasm from the inside.  He said he felt a wave of warmth wash over his whole body with that climax.

Sensual Domination Part Two Of Four

I had one beautiful cross-dressing sissy slut come into town for an over night session.  Telly, Pandora and I staged a kidnapping scene.  As instructed, she was waiting for me already completely dressed and wearing her chastity device.  Pandora and I went into her hotel room and bound and gagged her and walked her out through the casino.  We took her to the parking garage where telly was waiting with the hatch open in the back of the SUV.  We put her in and took off.

We took her to the Power Exchange where all three of us took turns having her service us orally.  It was the first time she’d had a real cock in her mouth!  Then I tied her down to the spanking horse.  We took turns spanking her.  I fingered her ass.  After awhile I moved her to the massage table and put on my strap on.  I fucked her so good.  She really liked it and fucked me back as hard as she could.  All of this while still in chastity!

Later that night when we finally got back to her room I took her chastity device off her and bound her – first with a tight chest harness and then rope handcuffs that I attached to the harness -and then had her lie on her back on the bed.  I got out my sounds and she was really freaked out but she submitted.  I used the sounds in her and finger fucked her until she had the most amazing climax!

Sensual Domination Part One Of Four

That has become my most common session – sensual domination.  Here are some highlites from some of my hottest Dominatrix sessions.

I have a client who specifically requested that I wear nylons and allow for foot worship.  He is so sensual!  His worship didn’t stop there – he worked his way all the way up to my ass and then my pussy, licking and pleasing – first through the nylons and then we cut holes in the pantyhose so he could have direct access – until I had to fuck him silly.  Afterward, I told him that he might like to try wearing pantyhose himself – not for the feminization of it but for the sensation.

The next time he booked he asked me to bring a pair of nylons for him!  It was sooo hot!  When it came time to cut the holes for access I had a lot of fun sensually running the scissors up and down and all around his groin area teasing him and scaring him.  When I cut the nylon away from his dick I did it very slowly so that he could feel the vibration of the threads breaking as the blades slice through.  He was such a good boy and I was so turned on I even let him in my ass and had an amazing orgasm with his cock in my ass.


Urethral Sounds Session

When I am doing something invasive to you it brings an even greater sense of intimacy and power exchange between us.  It shows me your complete submission and willingness to give yourself to me in all ways.  I like doing things to you, giving you intense sensations that you don’t get anywhere else, creating experiences and memories that you will cherish forever.

I learned about urethral sounds from a seasoned member of the Las Vegas BDSM community.  I have since had the opportunity to practice several times.  If you are interested in experiencing urethral play with sounds during our session make sure to let me know in advance as I don’t carry them with me at all times.

If you would like to see my learning process I suggest you go to and take a look.  Miss telly is running the camera and you can hear many of her reactions from behind the camera lens:)  This video series is educational and you will get to learn all about urethral play and safety.  At the end my teacher “diddles” my urethra as well.

In order to see the preview you will have to register as a user at  Then, if you want to see the all the footage you will have to either pay for access to that one video or sign up as a monthly member.  You will find all the instructions to do so on that site as well.

To schedule your urethral play sessions email me at  An additional option is to record our session.  This is an additional $50 unless you donate the footage to me to use on my site at NikkisLessons.

Be Good,


Mistress Ivana Picks Ingrown Hairs From Sub Telly

I have to keep telly in line and ready for her whore activities.  I like her to be smooth and hairless.  In this video I go over her entire pubic mound with a lancet pulling her ingrown hairs free and tweezing for added effect.

20 minutes long.  Unedited.  $27.00

Facesitting Smothering Session Audio

I had to share this story!

I recorded this audio while driving home from an amazing appointment.  You can tell – I sound dazed from being in Dom head space.

It’s just over 11 minutes long and I’m asking for $7 bucks.

I talk about a submissive gentleman who is extremely nervous because it’s his first time with a dominatrix but he wanted the experience of being out of control.  We used safe words and I did a lot of teasing.






One year ago on Flag Day, (June 14, 2011) my anal cherry was popped. I got a call just before lunch from my girlfriend, she tells me she wants to take me to lunch for my birthday. Im alittle bummed this day, not liking my living situation, and falling for someone new in my life, but not being able to spend it with him.

We go to the Greek restaurant across the street and have a wonderful meal and fun girlfriend time. She tells me she has something special planned after lunch. We’ve been playing for awhile and I had been experimenting with anal play. Getting more and more excited and adventurous with each play session.

She called him anal boy…hee hee.

He was her 3 o’clock. A cute young business tycoon who needed some relaxation. She told me that he was going to pop my anal cherry. My pussy started to get warm and wet. I was scared. Excited! Horney! She told me to go to the bathroom and put the anal plug in my ass to prep myself for him. She handed me a small gift bag. I knew I was getting a gift, but WOW!

She described him as 5’10”, dark hair, light blue eyes, thin build, looks under 30… He liked her to come over and give him a full body massage, with a deep ass massage. He also loved tobe rimmed.

We carried the massage table up to his office and I set everything up. He wants us both to wear strap ons as we give him a 4 handed massage. Hes so excited with the 2 of us, we only get his the back of his body massaged before he starts to buck his ass up in the air.

My girlfriend massage’s his buttocks  and starts to rim his asshole. he is such alittle ass whore, loving every minute of it. She wants to penetrate his ass with her strap on, but even though he keeps asking for it, but he pulls away. She orders me to massage and rim his ass. He starts to moan with pleasure. He likes how I mix it up by licking up and down his asshole and then in circles around the hole. Getting closer and closer with each rotation to the center. He pushes back toward my face, aching for more. I continue teasing him with my tongue, getting him so hard, his cock dripping with pre-cum.

I love getting a man so worked up. So excited that he cant control himself.

He wants to fuck, so my girlfriend gets on the end of the massage table and he puts his hard dripping cock inside her.

He fucks her for a bit, then slowly pushes his cock in her ass. She moans and looks at me to make sure Im watching. She likes to be watched as she is being naughty. He pushes himself all the way in and then pulls out slowly, then back in. Im getting so excited watching her get her ass fucked. He starts to fuck her faster. She moans louder…

Then she tells to pull out so he can fuck me. I bend over the edge of the massage table and take out my butt plug that has been in this whole time, lol. Im so wet, from getting so excited, I rub my ass with my pussy juice and stick my ass in the ass and spread my ass checks wide open for him.

Nikki’s right hes really cute and really fit. He slowly squeezes the head of his penis into my tight virgin ass, then slowly pushes himself in all the way. I could feel his balls on my ass. I got so excited, I started to play with my clit as he pumped himself in and out of me. I was so excited that he was fucking my ass that I lost control and came all over the table.

. It felt so good. I was so happy and ever since then I have become a huge ass whore…..