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The following story is part 2 of 3

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Submissive T

I had her lay down face down on the bed spread eagle.

My friend and I secured her tightly to the bed frame and started to play with her body.  He knelt near her head and she turned her face to suck his dick as I played with her butt cheeks and lick her asshole.

He came around behind her and started smacking her ass as I grabbed several implements of their hooks to use on her.  First was the belt.  As I was whipping her with the belt he came behind me and started licking my ass and fingering my cunt.

Nikki Ivana, Mistress Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Las Vegas Mistress, 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana

When she was obviously red and sore in addition to her pleas for me to stop I changed from the belt to a horse hair whip and whipped her with it from shoulders to heels.  Again she started crying for me to stop.  He grabbed the whip from my hands and said it seemed soft to him and sensually ran the horse hair up and down the back of her body while I grabbed a flogger.

I flogged her gently until he asked where our double ended dildo was.  I got the double ended dildo out of the drawer and put one and in T’s pussy then I climbed on top of her face down lining my pelvis up on top of hers.  He got behind us and started playing with both of us with the dildo.  It wasn’t quite long enough for him to be able to move it in and out of our pussies at the same time so he changed to be fingering my asshole as he fucked her with the dildo.

I was getting wetter and wetter and eventually started squirting my ejaculate all over T’s ass and pussy.

girls wrestlingAs the fucking became more intense I wrapped my arm around her throat and with her neck in the crook of my elbow I started applying pressure telling her what a good whore she was to be taking such a rough fucking.  There were a couple of times that she got close to passing out and I could see by the look in her eye that she was deep in subspace.

He said he wanted to have me double penetrated with T wearing the strap on dildo and me riding it while he fucked my ass.  We released her from the bed frame and she got on her back.

NFR Inspired Cowgirl Roleplay

cowgirl roleplay picture

cowgirl roleplay pictureTelly and I had soooo much fun making this video!  We love it when the kinky cowboys come to town.

The first part is just over 6 minutes long.  In it I’m playing the sheriff that caught telly whoring it up in town and I’m going to punish her and teach her a lesson.  I spank her, whip her and use a riding crop on her behind turning a nice bright red.  At the end you get to see her naked as she confides that she’s scared I’ll hurt her.  We end with a passionate kiss since I’m so turned on I can’t help myself any longer.

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Dominatrix V. Stripper With A Whip

This is a response I put in to a conversation on – a place where I advertise and that has a forum. 

Alrighty I have a lot of opinions about this thread but will stay as close to the point as possible.

I agree, a “stripper with a whip” can not only provide bad service but cause serious harm. I have utter respect for Rachel and Kayla because I have researched them and know their commitment to their craft.

I personally entered into providing fetish and kink services because at the time I was providing FBSM and was getting kink requests. I was a natural at it! Choking, spanking, ass play… I already took a dominant stance at the side of my table and when these requests were made I felt the thrill of the power exchange.

As I received more requests I learned about each kink. I also started attending classes and gatherings in our local BDSM community here in Las Vegas. I’ve never promised more than I can deliver… and I’m lucky I’ve never had an accident with a client. I’ve made my mistakes during training and private play.

In January 2011 I began offering escort services. I love sex too much and wanted the extra money it would bring. I know that some people say I’m not a “real Dominatrix” because I allow and enjoy mutual pleasure and physical intimacy with my clients/subs. What I’ve found is that there is a strong desire for that in the market place – someone who is a little softer and offering kink/fetish services in a sexual/sensual way. Not all clients want it… and that’s find. That’s also the difference between being a pro-Dom and a lifestyle Dom (for me) – As a pro I cater to their fetish for their time with me versus doing what I like and what gets me off (only) because it is a finite amount of time.

As for offering submissive services – My girlfriend telly advertises those as well as escort and sometimes body rubs. She is a masochist and we’ve basically set some ground rules and such for how she deals with her Dom clients. If they ask for something including blindfolds and/or bondage then they have to hire both of us for the first session so there can be another pair of eyes in the room. They have a safe word and she knows how to express her limits. She has never had a problem.

Stay Sexy,
Nikki Ivana