Service Slave Experience

Honored….embarrassed…satisified. Those are the three main emotions i felt today. Today was another step in proving to Mistress Ivana that i am worthy of being Her slave.
Yes, i can do laundry, fold towels correctly, vacuume, and do dishes, but those are just baby steps in showing my respect and devotion to Mistress.
Today my instructions were to enter the house, strip naked, and await Her inspection. Mistress was busy on the telephone when i arrived, so after i stripped i picked up around the house, so vacuuming would be easier. I felt comfortable and “at home”, i trust Mistress completely so i moved around freely, starting my chores, and waited for Mistress Ivana to do Her inspection,
However, my next big test was to come, and being totally unaware, i reacted in haste, without thinking. Her front door opened and in walked a lady who i had never met before, and was unaware She was coming over. i rushed in to anotehr room, hid for a couple minutes, and put some clothes on….that’s where teh embarrassed part came in. When Mistress walked in to the room, She asked me why i got dressed, and sheepishly i explained the arrival of teh “strange” lady. Mistress laughed and explained it was another Mistress and did not ahv e to be embarrassed in front of Her. The clothing came off immediately.
That is also where the honored part came in. This slave is highly honored to know Mistress trusts me enough to introduce me to Her friends, and being naked in front of both of them shows i have nothing to hide.
Being naked today also had a bonus treat (for me at least) Mistress tied me in a harness, and allowed me to work around the house wearing it.
All in all i am very satisfied, and will work my hardest to please Mistress.
So to sum things up…i am HONORED that Mistress is considering me as Her slave,
i am EMBARRASSED that i momentarily assumed Mistress would put me in a compromising position,
and lastly i am SATISFIED that i have done my best to please Mistress


Take a first step towards a happy Masterbation Awareness Month by cleaning your mind of some of the myths about masterbation you may still be holding. One of the first questions Mistress Ivana asked me was how often i masterbate. i stated that i was getting older and it just wasn’t a priority. Afterall, i stated to Mistress “i’m over 60″

Masterbation is the most commonly practiced sexual behavior in the world. Masterbation is a life long sexyal behavior. surveys show that between 70 and 90 % of all adults masterbate, and for us “old goats” 46% of males over 60 masterbate on a regular basis. i guess i have a lot of catching up to do.

For many of us brought up in a “puritanical home”, it was something bad, it would cause hair to grow in the palm of your hands. Well, let me tell you…i’m way over 60 and still don’t have a blade of hair growing in my palms.

Another myth is materbation is not REAL sex. When you masterbate you can get really aroused, which can result in a real orgasm. Now if that isn’t damn close to “real” sex, nothing is.

Myth 3 is …too much masterbation is bad for you. Well, i’ve been enjoying it the last few days, and just like too much ice cream is bad for you,,,i’m enjoying both and don’t plan on stopping.

In the short time i’ve known Mistress Ivana i feel confident that She would never do anything to harm one of Her slaves, or do something to break one of Her toys. so until She tells me to stop i just might make every month Masterbation Awareness Month

Corporal Punishment

I don’t get many opportunities to dole out strict corporal punishment or to get intense enough to leave marks so it’s always exciting when I one comes along.  Today the poor boy needed severe punishment because of some very bad behavior.

After covering safety and ground rules we started with an open palm spanking over my knee.  When I was at 70% power he said it felt like a 3 (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest) so I knew he had a high tolerance.  I started with the paddles.  He was nice enough to bring me the gift of an acrylic paddle and I used that in addition to my wood ones.

Having gotten his bottom nice and red I moved him to laying face down on the bed.  There I began with the floggers – first the nice leather one and then the mean rubbery one.  At this point I had to use a ball gag because he was having a hard time staying quiet and we were in his hotel room.  Last he got the cane.

He took it all so well I gently stuck a well lubed dildo in his anus and paddled him again.  Getting a paddle into each hand I alternated between paddling him and vibrating him which I do by placing the edge of one paddle between the cheeks of his ass and hitting that with the other paddle.  It’s very pleasurable.

Then I had him lay on his back.  Now, I thought I had seen the smallest penis ever but his was actually inverted!  Very interesting.  I took out the ball gag and had a very stern discussion about what he had done to deserve all this punishment and what he was going to do to set things right in the future as I hit his ball sack with the flog.  We carried on like this until I felt the tears of remorse were genuine.

He’d requested a feather touch massage as reward for taking his punishment well but I just used my feather duster on him telling him next time he would feel my hands on his body if he follows through on his plans to right his wrongs and that I might even use his face to masturbate on.  He promised up and down he would.  We made plans to meet in July and he thanked me for all I’d done.

Face Sitting

Last week I had a fabulous session with a small Filipino from Hawaii.  While I gave him some intense cock torture and a thorough spanking my favorite part was the face sitting.  He was orally servicing me and I was basically fucking his face.  He was very talented and I gushed all over his face.

Very fun!