Newbie Sub: Shaved and Fucked

It is SO GREAT to be back to work – even on a somewhat limited basis.

I had to share about some fun I had yesterday…

A younger guy who came to me to be shaved. He also wanted to experience anal massage. He had never done anything like this before. I told him to strip down while I put on my rubber gloves. On the table with his butt in the air I first shaved his ass crack with clippers. Having him lay on his back I shaved the whole front of his pubic area. He was rock hard the whole time! I truly enjoyed seeing how he was so nervous but trusting me anyways – especially when I went over his testicles and up the shaft of his cock.

With that done I had him get on his hands and knees again. I spread oil from tail bone to pubic bone rewarding his courage with some very nice strokes on his cock. Then I lathered up his ass crack and with a brand new razor I shaved him down to the skin. I began his anal massage at this point gently lubing up his ass. Then I covered a string of anal beads with a condom and slowly put them in as far as he could handle it. I made him keep those in as he turned to lay on his back again.

Anal BeadsI went over the front side of his groin with the razor. His cock was even harder (which I didn’t think was possible). I got the entire area smooth and hair free. I made him get up and get me the trash can and keep the anal beads in hehehehe. When he got back I sat on the end of the table with him on his hands and knees, ass pointing towards me. I slowly removed the beads and penetrated him with my starter dildo. I asked him if it was touching his prostate and found out he had never felt his prostate so he didn’t know. Using my fingers I penetrated his ass and rubbed his prostate with first one finger and then two. With my left hand I pressed against the flesh between his balls and ass so he would really feel the pleasure of pressure on his prostate. He was in total heaven.

When I judged he was ready for the dildo again I put it back in and this time when I asked if it was hitting his prostate he said “Oh Yes!” so I went to work stroking his cock. After awhile I asked if he though he could take more and he said he did and I agreed so I got the dildo that was the next size up. Using that instructing him to fuck back onto it if he liked it – which he did. At the same time I stroked him evenly and deliberately until he seemed close to losing control.  At that point I informed him he needed to ask permission to cum.  He said he understood.  Soon he said he needed to cum and I asked if that was how he should ask permission form his mistress.  He rephrased it, “Mistress, may I cum” and I said yes.  As I could tell he was nearing the point of no return I took my hands off him and teasingly informed him I had changed my mind so no, he couldn’t cum yet.  He groaned in frustration but still leaned back toward me for me to put my hands on him again.  He repeated his request to cum again and I said yes.  With relief he sprayed streams of cum all over the sheet.

When his climax was complete I told him to lay down.  He collapsed onto the table.  I took off my gloves and gently massaged his calves and feet as waves of orgasmic after shocks rolled over his body for almost 20 minutes.  Eventually he was ready to get up, clean up the area and take a nice hot shower.

Fun Fun!

Follow up emails have been full of gratitude for the amazing experience.  He truly enjoyed it and remembers it every time he feels his shaved groin.

Restrained And Used – As A Toilet And A Dildo

I got him onto the bed and got out my straps.  He had an issue with his left shoulder so I had to get doubly creative.  Putting the velcro cuffs around is right wrist and the upper part of his left arm, I pulled a strap through beneath the pillow his head was resting on and tightened it til it would tighten no more.  Placing another cuff around his left wrist, I wrapped a strap around his belly and tightened it till he couldn’t move that arm either.  Putting a cuff around each ankle I connected straps around the foot of the bed and pulled those tight until his legs were spread open and he couldn’t move.

And then I started to use him.

I knew what he wanted because he had sent me link to a story on  I stood on the bed with a foot planted on each side of his head, squatted down and put my pussy right up to his face and said “No licking.  Do you like it?  Then you’ll have to earn it.”  Then I spun around and stuck my ass in his face and instructed him to clean it up if he wanted pussy.

He went to work licking and tonguing my asshole.  He had a very strong tongue and I couldn’t wait very long to place my pussy right onto his mouth.  Know he wanted me to use him in every way I could I began relaxing and pressing/bearing down to see if I could pee and/or fart on him to totally objectify him.  As a fart neared I pressed my asshole against his mouth and pressed it out.  Then, to successfully piss I turned around and held my pussy open directly in front of his mouth making him stop licking for a bit.  Finally I relaxed enough to give him a nice long drink.  Seeing the enjoyment in his face and feeling his body squirm beneath me was so exciting I quickly turned back around for him to continue licking my clit.  I lay down on top of him to relax and took his erection into my mouth to tease and torture as he pleased me.

Finally I came to the point of climax.  Sitting upright, I again pasted my ass to his lips and played with my swollen clit until the ultimate cum started ripping through me.  Once it began I placed my pussy over his mouth so he could again drink from me as I squirted and spasms ran through me from the groin up.G wave - Wysokie Obcasy#21 (574), 29 May 2010

Once I was finished cumming I rested a few minutes.  Once I had caught my breath I started asking about when his last orgasm was and would he be ready for another one now.  He responded with a “Yes please” and I went to work on his pecker with my hands and mouth and stuck one finger up his ass to rub his prostate.  I wasn’t being very nice though – not giving him anything rythmic so he could actually reach climax – and he asked if I could free a hand to let him jack himself off.  I did and now that my mouth was free I started talking dirty to him asking if he like licking and cleaning my dirty ass and pleasuring my slutty cunt and drinking my piss and then my pussy juice.  This only lasted a couple of minutes before he blew his load.  But I didn’t let him stop pulling on his cock – I wasn’t ready to stop seeing it.  I withdrew my finger and as I watched the chills of over-stimulation flow through his body I reminded him this is what he asked for and how much of a little slut he was.

Finally I was satisfied.  I released him and off to the shower we went.

Tied Up And Fucked

Ooooh fun times today.

We discussed his level of experience, his boundaries and my preferences.  I made him strip completely for me.  While I was sitting on the edge of the massage table I had him stand in front of me while I began feeling all over his torso and crotch checking for sensitivity and beginning to mildly stimulate him.  He was already completely hard as a rock and standing at attention.  I made him shiver and quiver a bit before getting my velcro cuffs and securing his hands behind his back.  Then I sat in front of him again and got a little more aggressive with his nipples and nuts.  Standing next to him I pushed him face down onto the massage table so his but was in the air and I started warming up his ass cheeks while I firmly held his head in place.  He still had his hands behind his back.

I was ready to give more vigorous attention to his backside.  Unclipping his hands, I had him lay down face down on the table.  I finished my attention to his buttocks spanking with my hand, scraping with my fingernails, and finally using the soft leather crop on him.  Such a beautiful red heart shape:)

Having him stand up, I grabbed my rope and tied it around him in a chest harness.  I tightened it to the point of making his pecs stick out taught so I could rough up his nipples.  Sitting him on the edge of the massage table, I had him lean back.  I cut a length of fresh clothesline and tightly wrapped up his cock and balls, first around the base of both and then between the two separating them a bit.  I took the ends of the line and looped them through the chest harness and pulling them tight.  Now his cock and balls were super at attention!  I topped that off with a few slaps from the flogger before having him lay down face up.

I wanted to get him opened up and bound so that he couldn’t get away.  I got out the saran wrap and wrapped each hand individually and then together creating handcuffs.  I put restraints around each thigh and connected a strap to each leg running the strap underneath the table.  I tightened the strap until his legs were spread as far as he could get them.

Getting out my clothespins, I put them up his crotch starting from just above his anus and ending on the soft flesh of the bottom of his dick.  I decided to reward him for being such a trooper by giving him some pussy to lick.  Squatting over his face for him to lick my pussy I leaned back and played with the clothespins.  I liked feeling him squirm as the shocks of pain ran through his body.  I know he liked it too since he maintained a rock hard erection.

I was pretty worked up and wanted to make use of that dick.  Getting off his face I stood next to him removing the clothespins one at a time rewarding each jolt of pain endured with a wet sloppy kiss.  I wanted more pussy licking before using his cock and climbed on top of him in the 69 position receiving his oral service until I couldn’t take it any longer.  Slapping a condom on the exposed part of his cock I climbed on and began fucking him just the way I like it.  He was super hard and swollen and the rope at the base of his cock added to the the sensation.  Also extremely thrilling was knowing how good and hot my pussy felt but at the deep part of every stroke his nuts were getting squished against the clothesline.  He was feeling good good good PAIN with every hump.

When I was ready to really ride him I took off the cock and ball bondage.  Getting the lube, I ground against him in total pleasure taking my time to please myself.  Finally he couldn’t handle it anymore and shot his load into the condom.

I let him up and we got cleaned up. Hope to use him as my human dildo again sometime soon.

BBW, playful submissive in the bedroom.


I’m a powerful business woman who likes to be humiliated and submissive in the bedroom. But I do not negotiate with my time or money!

I’m into BDSM, fetishes, being humiliated, and am always eager to please. Im a Submissive playful beauty whose a Masochist.

Do you like thick brunette’s? Would you like to pull my hair and spank my big round bottom?

Oh yes Master please contact me today!

Daytime playtime is best for me.

9 am to 3pm mon to fri.

Or evenings! Fri & Sat. only 930pm to 2am. If I don’t respond, I’m with another client, so please leave a message. Advanced appointments for the weekends are greatly appreciated.

Telly      702-425-5604.

Or email me at


Fun Dom Sessions I’ve Had Recently

Just to catch you up on the happenings from my summer of fun;)

        • 2 fabulous facesitting sessions with a gent at Cesars Palace.  I wore my very smooth silky panties and made him submit over and over during our time together.  With him laying on his back I smothered his face.  I would reach my hand around to the back of his head and pull it up into my pussy for a firmer seal.  I took turns facing toward his groin and teasing his cock and turning toward the head of the bed where I could see myself in the mirror.  This was super hot to see myself in action.  At the end of the sessions I assisted him manually with a release.


        • A severe tickling appointment.  We started on the massage table with a light feather touch massage.  As I progressed to more intense tickling I got out my restraints and restrained
          This is the set I have;)

          him to the table.  I tickled all his sensitive parts… eventually having him turn onto his back.  I had him restrained but any time I got near one of his hands he would reach out and try to tickle me.  I was good fun!  Eventually we moved to the bed.  He asked if he could tickle my feet while I assisted him with a manual release.  I could only take it for a couple minutes!  Then I laid on his legs and tickled his feet mercilessly while he jacked off and exploded all over himself.

        • My video editing assistant is a submissive girl.  One day she
          You can get one just like it on Amazon:)

          was complaining about needing a good beating.  I got tired of hearing about it and ordered her into the bedroom and to strip down and lay face down on the bed.  I got the metal bbq spatula out of the kitchen and took it to her booty without a warm up or anything…I knew she needed it intense.  I made some very pretty welts and red spots as she was crying real tears of relief and release.  Then I got out the cell phone charger cord and was able to get 2 whips in before she called red.  I laid beside her and comforted her until she began to suck on my nipples for comfort.  As I became even more aroused I put her head between my legs and ordered her to service me.  As I was getting closer to climax and I needed to use my own fingers to bring me over the edge I held her head against the inside of my thigh while I jacked off in her face.

        • I got a chance to have a fantasy session with a crossdresser.  You can read about that encounter on my massage blog – click here to read it.
        • I made some basic how-to videos for my new membership website.  You can check that out by clicking here.

It was a super fun summer!  To kick off the fall/winter season I’ve decided to go red;)  What do you think?

Love Pantyhose?

One of my favorite and most loyal clients regularly has me come over wearing move shiny nylons under my skirt or dress. We sit on the couch and I drape my legs across his lap. We talkas he caresses my legs running his hands up and down slowly ggetting closer and closer to my pussy. I get all worked up and totally aroused feeling his fingertips sliding over my slit. Then I turn around and with my knees on the couch stick my ass out at him for him to caress me from behind. Eventually he can’t take it anymore and presses his face against my ass crack and then starts licking my ass and pussy through my pantyhose.eventually I can’t take it anymore and I lead him into the bedroom whet I have him lay on his back. I position my crotch right against his face and leaning over I begin to stimulate his cock. After awhile of this I get up and remove my pantyhose so he can have direct access to my pussy. While he is licking me I grind away on his face and lick his dick until I cum all over his face. Then, laying beside him and using a little lube I give him an amazing handjob that makes him cum so hard that every time he is left quaking with the aftershocks of a very intense orgasm. I lay with him until the most violent have past before I go to get a towel for him to clean up.


Learning to go down on a woman means understanding her pleasure anatomy — but it also requires trust, lust, and communication between both partners, no matter if it’s a one night stand or a ten-year relationship. Learning to go down on a woman means understanding her pleasure anatomy — but it also requires trust, lust, and communication between both partners, no matter if it’s a one night stand or a ten-year relationship. With a little trust and a dose of horniness, the possibilities for orgasmic cunnilingus are endless.

As a submissive i have alway been taught that “it’s not about what i want that’s important, but rather what pleases Mistress”. That’s true the majority of the time, (You can ignore this paragraph Mistress Ivana :-D ). In the case of cunnilingus, muff diving, going down, eating at the Y, etc. etc. i strongly believe that if the one doing the work (haha, it really isn’t work) has to be 100% invested in what he/she is doing and derive as much pleasure out of doing it in order for his/her Mistress to enjoy the full benefits.

When a Mistress allows me to enjoy Her sweet juices, it is a reward, and in order to show my complete appreciation, i must give 100%. Also i am a little selfish too….if i do a good enough job, maybe Mistress will “clean my pipes” one day.

As a parting gesture i leave You with this to think about: Does swollowing help or hurt ? Will doing it too often dampen Your desire to hav e full sex? Is there any time when cunnilingus is out of place.

An Unexpected Level of Intimacy With Toilet Slave

I must be honest, when I got this request I was ready to give it my best shot (so to speak) and see if I liked it even though I didn’t LOVE the idea of it.  I know I’m very intuitive and would be able to make him feel used no matter what.

– Reverse face sitting (ass on face) with deep rimming and repeated attempts by Mistress to fart into my mouth as tight seal is maintained.  If more than fart happens, it would not bother me if it does not bother Mistress.
– Golden showers with tight seal to mouth
– Face fucking with feet, toes wiggling deep in throat, training my mouth to take as much as you desire it to
– Face smothering with feet and ass

And here was my response



The truth is, I will use you as much as I can.  I know I can be full of piss for you but gas etc. is a little tougher to guarantee.  If more than gas happens I will see how I feel about it.  I don’t like the thought of it but things are different in the moment.


So we had out appointment last night and it was really amazing.  Whenever I give golden showers I have to visualize it and get over whatever level of arousal I’m experiencing to be able to pee.  This was keeping that level of focus for almost an entire hour.  Of course, we started out with the foot bath and face fucking (my feet, his face) but then we moved to the bed.  I was chugging water the whole time because I know it helps me to go if I’m full.

What made it so pleasurable is that he consistently worked his tongue the entire time as well.  I laid on him in the 69 position, put a pillow over his groin, read a magazine and drank water.  I wasn’t able to really piss like I do on the toilet due to being highly aroused but there was a pretty consistent trickle.  And that is where the intimacy came from, the fluid moving from my body to his.  I could feel it when he swallowed.

I would alternate between pussy and ass.  When my ass was on his face I would spread my cheeks and bear down.  I think it’s the deepest rimming I have ever received.  I was successful in getting several farts out into his mouth during the course of the session.  Nothing more than gas happened although he had his tongue so deep within me it was difficult to tell and I actually had to ask him for verification.

As our time came to an end I gave him some lube and watched as he masturbated and rimmed me some more.