Strap On Play, Drinking Me And Ass Fucking

Nikki Ivana, Mistress Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Las Vegas Mistress, 702-508-0580

The following story is part 3 of 3

Nikki Ivana, Mistress Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Las Vegas Mistress, 702-508-0580I put the harness on her and put the dildo in.  I lay on top of her and we kissed as he put the double dildo back in her pussy.  I slid my pussy on to her dildo.  Putting on a condom he began to work his cock into my ass hole.  Normally my anus if very tight but this time it was extremely tight because my cunt was full of her dildo.  He did manage to work it in and fuck me slowly at first and then harder until my ass became too tight as I was completely aroused.  He pulled out and I lifted off her dildo squirting all over her again and then leaning against her taking a moment to compose myself.

He decided he wanted her to service me or orally so I got up and turned around positioning my pussy over her face.  I leaned over to lick her clit so he could watch as he continued to fuck her pussy with the dildo.  I began squirting again and I told her to drink it.  I had never had her drink my cum before and the feeling of her swallowing me down her throat was exquisite!  It pushed her over the edge and she convulsed through an intense orgasm.

Nikki Ivana, Mistress Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Las Vegas Mistress, 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana

As she came down from her orgasm he pulled me forward so I could suck his dick and as he began to fuck my face T played with my clit.  Finally he said he was ready to really fuck me and he got me on the edge of the bed on my back and putting my legs on his chest, my feet on his shoulders, he slid his cock into my ass and fucked it hard and fast until he exploded into the condom inside of me.


Skull Fucking And Two Girl Blow Job

The following story is part 1 of 3

Nikki Ivana 7022361975 Las Vegas Dominatrix Las Vegas Mistress 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana

I had the most intense session the other day!

I have one friend who is extremely dominant.  He found me through my other site – – which is primarily focused on pleasure and not necessarily power exchange.  While I am on the dominant side of the spectrum he is intrinsically more in control of the situation (with my consent, of course) and I have had a few interesting experiences with him one-on-one where he has played with me, teased me not giving me penetration when I wanted it, making me play with myself until I cum while I suck his dick… you get the picture.  Very hot.  In fact, I have entered sub-space with him and it is very strange to let go completely.  I’m totally not used to it.  In fact, in hind sight it’s scared me a bit since I think it’s important for me to be in control during my sessions.  Luckily we’ve built a rapport and I do trust him to uphold our boundaries while we are in session.

(657) 888-3559, Telly, Las Vegas Escort, Pro Submissive
Submissive T

He’s seen my friend T who works with me and identifies as more submissive when he’s come over for sessions.  He’s talked for a long time about having both of us together.  It finally happened!  And it couldn’t have been better timing – I just got a new bed with a headboard and footboard that are PERFECT for binding a person down!

I got on my knees as soon as we were in the room to take his cock deep into my throat.  T stood behind me watching as I worshiped his cock.  I think she was kind of surprised because I was taking such a submissive role.  Then he told her to get on her knees and walked over and startedskull fucking skull fucking her to the point of gagging and even made her pee her pants.  When she got up to get cleaned up he turned around to fuck my mouth some more.  T returned and getting on her knees behind him she started to lick his ass and tongue his asshole.

I reached between his legs and played with her nipples and pussy.  She came around to the front and we gave him our signature double blow job where we put our faces nose to nose like we’re kissing and put our mouths around his cock with our lips touching above and below.  Keeping our lips and noses locked together we run our mouths up and down the shaft from base to head over and over slowly increasing speed with every stroke.  We did this until he was on the edge and made us stop.

We paused for water and T got the wrist and ankle restraints on.

Naughty Elf Role Play

Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly

I just finished editing this video from last December and I thought you would enjoy it.  Here are some pics from the video:

Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly

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Face Sitting And Sounds

Face-sitting sessions ending in a squirting climax have been very popular lately!  It was super hot last Friday night to play in front of people with a client at the Power Exchange.  While there I made him sit on the floor and watch while I played with another couple right in front of his face.  Then I had the opportunity on Sunday to be with a newbie who’d never had it before.  I took a break from sitting on his face to massage his prostate bringing him to a climax with no ejaculation – do intense!  Then I got back on his face and rode it to orgasm.  When I was all done I indulged him in a nice slow handjob while I still sat on his his face.  I loved feeling him below me!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to introduce a newbie to sounds – sliding the surgical steel medal rods in and out of his piss slit was so erotic that I had to fuck him as well!  Hes said ejaculating was more intensely pleasurable after the sounds:)

Here are some pics of me from over the weekend.

Out to dinner 3-3-13 Nikki 702-236-1975

Out to dinner 3-3-13
Nikki Ivana 702-508-0580

Out to dinner 3-3-13 Nikki 702-236-1975
At the park flying kites 3-3-13 Nikki 702-236-1975
At the park flying kites 3-3-13
Nikki Ivana 702-508-0580
At the park flying kites 3-3-13 Nikki 702-236-1975
At the park flying kites 3-3-13
Nikki Ivana 702-508-0580


Sensual Domination Part Three Of Four

I had my SPH (small penis humiliation), strap on and body worship appointment.  Turns out he likes to be used so much he’s resorted to seeing gay men so he can get fucked!

One session was in a hotel room with the most perfect chair!  After totally teasing and tantalizing him on the bed I bound him to the chair.  I also blindfolded him.  I made him ask permission before he came and I denied it several time.  His legs were completely spread open for me and when I finally said yes I stuck my finger in his ass to feel his orgasm from the inside.  He said he felt a wave of warmth wash over his whole body with that climax.

Newbie Sub: Shaved and Fucked

It is SO GREAT to be back to work – even on a somewhat limited basis.

I had to share about some fun I had yesterday…

A younger guy who came to me to be shaved. He also wanted to experience anal massage. He had never done anything like this before. I told him to strip down while I put on my rubber gloves. On the table with his butt in the air I first shaved his ass crack with clippers. Having him lay on his back I shaved the whole front of his pubic area. He was rock hard the whole time! I truly enjoyed seeing how he was so nervous but trusting me anyways – especially when I went over his testicles and up the shaft of his cock.

With that done I had him get on his hands and knees again. I spread oil from tail bone to pubic bone rewarding his courage with some very nice strokes on his cock. Then I lathered up his ass crack and with a brand new razor I shaved him down to the skin. I began his anal massage at this point gently lubing up his ass. Then I covered a string of anal beads with a condom and slowly put them in as far as he could handle it. I made him keep those in as he turned to lay on his back again.

Anal BeadsI went over the front side of his groin with the razor. His cock was even harder (which I didn’t think was possible). I got the entire area smooth and hair free. I made him get up and get me the trash can and keep the anal beads in hehehehe. When he got back I sat on the end of the table with him on his hands and knees, ass pointing towards me. I slowly removed the beads and penetrated him with my starter dildo. I asked him if it was touching his prostate and found out he had never felt his prostate so he didn’t know. Using my fingers I penetrated his ass and rubbed his prostate with first one finger and then two. With my left hand I pressed against the flesh between his balls and ass so he would really feel the pleasure of pressure on his prostate. He was in total heaven.

When I judged he was ready for the dildo again I put it back in and this time when I asked if it was hitting his prostate he said “Oh Yes!” so I went to work stroking his cock. After awhile I asked if he though he could take more and he said he did and I agreed so I got the dildo that was the next size up. Using that instructing him to fuck back onto it if he liked it – which he did. At the same time I stroked him evenly and deliberately until he seemed close to losing control.  At that point I informed him he needed to ask permission to cum.  He said he understood.  Soon he said he needed to cum and I asked if that was how he should ask permission form his mistress.  He rephrased it, “Mistress, may I cum” and I said yes.  As I could tell he was nearing the point of no return I took my hands off him and teasingly informed him I had changed my mind so no, he couldn’t cum yet.  He groaned in frustration but still leaned back toward me for me to put my hands on him again.  He repeated his request to cum again and I said yes.  With relief he sprayed streams of cum all over the sheet.

When his climax was complete I told him to lay down.  He collapsed onto the table.  I took off my gloves and gently massaged his calves and feet as waves of orgasmic after shocks rolled over his body for almost 20 minutes.  Eventually he was ready to get up, clean up the area and take a nice hot shower.

Fun Fun!

Follow up emails have been full of gratitude for the amazing experience.  He truly enjoyed it and remembers it every time he feels his shaved groin.