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The following story is part 2 of 3

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Submissive T

I had her lay down face down on the bed spread eagle.

My friend and I secured her tightly to the bed frame and started to play with her body.  He knelt near her head and she turned her face to suck his dick as I played with her butt cheeks and lick her asshole.

He came around behind her and started smacking her ass as I grabbed several implements of their hooks to use on her.  First was the belt.  As I was whipping her with the belt he came behind me and started licking my ass and fingering my cunt.

Nikki Ivana, Mistress Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Las Vegas Mistress, 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana

When she was obviously red and sore in addition to her pleas for me to stop I changed from the belt to a horse hair whip and whipped her with it from shoulders to heels.  Again she started crying for me to stop.  He grabbed the whip from my hands and said it seemed soft to him and sensually ran the horse hair up and down the back of her body while I grabbed a flogger.

I flogged her gently until he asked where our double ended dildo was.  I got the double ended dildo out of the drawer and put one and in T’s pussy then I climbed on top of her face down lining my pelvis up on top of hers.  He got behind us and started playing with both of us with the dildo.  It wasn’t quite long enough for him to be able to move it in and out of our pussies at the same time so he changed to be fingering my asshole as he fucked her with the dildo.

I was getting wetter and wetter and eventually started squirting my ejaculate all over T’s ass and pussy.

girls wrestlingAs the fucking became more intense I wrapped my arm around her throat and with her neck in the crook of my elbow I started applying pressure telling her what a good whore she was to be taking such a rough fucking.  There were a couple of times that she got close to passing out and I could see by the look in her eye that she was deep in subspace.

He said he wanted to have me double penetrated with T wearing the strap on dildo and me riding it while he fucked my ass.  We released her from the bed frame and she got on her back.

Naughty Elf Role Play

Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly

I just finished editing this video from last December and I thought you would enjoy it.  Here are some pics from the video:

Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly Mistress Ivana, Submissive Telly

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NFR Inspired Cowgirl Roleplay

cowgirl roleplay picture

cowgirl roleplay pictureTelly and I had soooo much fun making this video!  We love it when the kinky cowboys come to town.

The first part is just over 6 minutes long.  In it I’m playing the sheriff that caught telly whoring it up in town and I’m going to punish her and teach her a lesson.  I spank her, whip her and use a riding crop on her behind turning a nice bright red.  At the end you get to see her naked as she confides that she’s scared I’ll hurt her.  We end with a passionate kiss since I’m so turned on I can’t help myself any longer.

The full video is only $6.95

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Fun Dom Sessions I’ve Had Recently

Just to catch you up on the happenings from my summer of fun;)

        • 2 fabulous facesitting sessions with a gent at Cesars Palace.  I wore my very smooth silky panties and made him submit over and over during our time together.  With him laying on his back I smothered his face.  I would reach my hand around to the back of his head and pull it up into my pussy for a firmer seal.  I took turns facing toward his groin and teasing his cock and turning toward the head of the bed where I could see myself in the mirror.  This was super hot to see myself in action.  At the end of the sessions I assisted him manually with a release.


        • A severe tickling appointment.  We started on the massage table with a light feather touch massage.  As I progressed to more intense tickling I got out my restraints and restrained
          This is the set I have;)

          him to the table.  I tickled all his sensitive parts… eventually having him turn onto his back.  I had him restrained but any time I got near one of his hands he would reach out and try to tickle me.  I was good fun!  Eventually we moved to the bed.  He asked if he could tickle my feet while I assisted him with a manual release.  I could only take it for a couple minutes!  Then I laid on his legs and tickled his feet mercilessly while he jacked off and exploded all over himself.

        • My video editing assistant is a submissive girl.  One day she
          You can get one just like it on Amazon:)

          was complaining about needing a good beating.  I got tired of hearing about it and ordered her into the bedroom and to strip down and lay face down on the bed.  I got the metal bbq spatula out of the kitchen and took it to her booty without a warm up or anything…I knew she needed it intense.  I made some very pretty welts and red spots as she was crying real tears of relief and release.  Then I got out the cell phone charger cord and was able to get 2 whips in before she called red.  I laid beside her and comforted her until she began to suck on my nipples for comfort.  As I became even more aroused I put her head between my legs and ordered her to service me.  As I was getting closer to climax and I needed to use my own fingers to bring me over the edge I held her head against the inside of my thigh while I jacked off in her face.

        • I got a chance to have a fantasy session with a crossdresser.  You can read about that encounter on my massage blog – click here to read it.
        • I made some basic how-to videos for my new membership website.  You can check that out by clicking here.

It was a super fun summer!  To kick off the fall/winter season I’ve decided to go red;)  What do you think?

OTK on a Massage Table

Sitting on the edge of the massage table I had my sub walk toward me.  I was ready to give him a thorough spanking and I had my paddles set up on the table behind me within arms reach.  Because of the height of the table I spread my legs putting one foot on the floor and having him straddle my other leg instead of my whole lap.  Putting my hand on the back of his neck I pushed his torso down into the surface of the table.

I began with my hand.  I’d had him leave his clothes on so I could be a bit more ruthless and have more time hitting him (he would last longer).  I started with my hand but quickly moved on to using my paddles since he was reacting so well.  I would work him up into a frenzy with quick smacks starting with a light pressure, slowly increasing until he was starting to flinch and his body was starting to lift away from me.  Then I would stop and calm him, rubbing his head, neck and back, asking him if he was starting to feel better.  When his heart rate and breathing had returned to normal and stayed there for a couple minutes I returned to the treatment I was giving to his ass this time taking him even further.

Bare Bottom Spanking and Foot Job

I sat on the couch with just my bra and panties on.  The naked sub laid across my lap.  I began slowly, testing the sensitivity of his bare skin.  I learned how much he could take, when he would start to squirm, and the spot that felt sweet in my palm.  I could feel his hard prick pushing into my thigh.

I started with light, quick smacks randomly alternating from cheek to cheek.  I slowly increased the intensity whipping him up into a frenzy and at the very height of it I stopped the smacking and began raking my fingernails across his skin and let him relax back down into my lap.  As soon he was settled back down I started in with the hard deep smacks.  Each smack was intense enough to make him recoil on its own.

As his jumps and squirms turned into a humping motion I ordered him to get on his knees in front of me.  I had him hold my feet, soles facing each other and fuck my feet.  It felt so good having his hard cock sliding in and out between my feet!  All finished off with nice hot cum shooting onto my foot!

Beginning the Spanking

Once we were in my room I told him I would be right back.  Since I was not prepared I didn’t have my paddles or floggers or anything with me.  I went through the kitchen drawers and found a good wooden spoon.  I went back to my room and I sat down on the couch motioning for him to lay on my lap.  I like my spankos to lay on my lap head pointing to my left since I am right handed.

I began the spanking.

I almost always begin an OTK (over the knee spanking) with all our clothes on.  I do this to warm the spanko up.  I can really get a good feel for his tush and am not so worried about hurting him since the pants can be very protective.  This guy, however, did not empty his pockets out and earned a couple of ear flicks when my hand came down on his wallet in one pocket and his business cards in the other.  Once those were removed it was on!

I smacked him consistently for a while until he squirmed a little.  Then I rubbed my hand around his ass in circles helping him calm back down.  Once he was relaxed back onto my lap I began with the spanks until he was squirming again.  Again, I rubbed his ass and then a little more beginning to touch down the back of his legs.  We kept going through this cycle every time I would widen my reach – down the back of his legs, around the inside of his thighs, up to where his inner thighs connected to his torso, and finally I was reaching down in between his legs feeling his rock hard hard-on through his pants.

My spanking was working!

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value