Foot Model at the Foot Fetish Party

Well, that was an interesting night!  I met 1 Dominatrix and made friends.  I had sessions with 2 people and that was about it.

I have to say my favorite part was when I was getting licked in between my toes and it felt like there was a direct connection with my pussy.  During both sessions I got super wet and during one I even had to start touching myself!  It felt so good.  Both times we started with me laying on my back and them at the foot of the bed.  Then, about half way through I flipped over onto my stomach – this was more relaxing for me because I didn’t have to hold up my legs and more relaxing for them because they didn’t have to bend over to lick and suck my toes (if I had been dominating them they would have been on their knees on the floor).  Plus, they got a nice view of my ass wiggling around in pleasure and frustration.

I’m don’t know when the next party is but I do know I’d like to attend one in LA!

OTK on a Massage Table

Sitting on the edge of the massage table I had my sub walk toward me.  I was ready to give him a thorough spanking and I had my paddles set up on the table behind me within arms reach.  Because of the height of the table I spread my legs putting one foot on the floor and having him straddle my other leg instead of my whole lap.  Putting my hand on the back of his neck I pushed his torso down into the surface of the table.

I began with my hand.  I’d had him leave his clothes on so I could be a bit more ruthless and have more time hitting him (he would last longer).  I started with my hand but quickly moved on to using my paddles since he was reacting so well.  I would work him up into a frenzy with quick smacks starting with a light pressure, slowly increasing until he was starting to flinch and his body was starting to lift away from me.  Then I would stop and calm him, rubbing his head, neck and back, asking him if he was starting to feel better.  When his heart rate and breathing had returned to normal and stayed there for a couple minutes I returned to the treatment I was giving to his ass this time taking him even further.

An Exhibitionist With Few Limits? BDSM Club, Here We Come!

The Queen Exhibitionist

After much discussion I found he had no hard limits. He wanted to be used.  He was alsoan exhibitionist.  That was great for me because I am too – I love performing in front of others!  I asked him about all sorts of torments and teasing and he was game for it all.

So game on!

He requested some poppers.  I have never used poppers myself but I knew where to get it.  I picked him up at his hotel and we went to the sex shop to get the poppers.  It was wild because I know at least 3 of the other customers there.  I was fun to see the looks on their faces wondering what I was doing with this strange guy.  I love to make people wonder!

We drove to the power exchange club.  Before we went in he helped me lace up my black vinyl corset nice and tight.  The club was very busy since it was the weekend of AVN and they were hosting a fashion show.  The main dungeon area was being used for the fashion show so we set up in the dungeon next door even though it was darker.  One very cool thing about it though was the way the black light made my ropes glow!  It was surreal as I unwound them and got ready to tie him up.  We settled ourselves on a couple of chairs next to a massage table and that is where I went to work on him.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Bare Bottom Spanking and Foot Job

I sat on the couch with just my bra and panties on.  The naked sub laid across my lap.  I began slowly, testing the sensitivity of his bare skin.  I learned how much he could take, when he would start to squirm, and the spot that felt sweet in my palm.  I could feel his hard prick pushing into my thigh.

I started with light, quick smacks randomly alternating from cheek to cheek.  I slowly increased the intensity whipping him up into a frenzy and at the very height of it I stopped the smacking and began raking my fingernails across his skin and let him relax back down into my lap.  As soon he was settled back down I started in with the hard deep smacks.  Each smack was intense enough to make him recoil on its own.

As his jumps and squirms turned into a humping motion I ordered him to get on his knees in front of me.  I had him hold my feet, soles facing each other and fuck my feet.  It felt so good having his hard cock sliding in and out between my feet!  All finished off with nice hot cum shooting onto my foot!

Time for a Golden Shower

Now I had to pee.  Rather than excusing myself I figured, “Why not make the most of it and piss on him?”.  I ordered him to stand up and get naked.  He was a bit shy for a moment but being very submissive he got over it quickly and began to take off his clothes.  When all his clothes were off I had him take off my shoes.  I ordered him to go into the bathroom and sit down in the bathtub.  I took off my pants and underwear and went into the bathroom.

Stepping into the bathtub I positioned myself over his chest.  He leaned in so he could catch my urine in his mouth.  I had to consciously relax myself to begin to pee.  I get so aroused working with my subs that at times it is very difficult if not impossible to piss.  In fact, what happened with this spanko is every time I started to let go he would lean forward to be as close as possible to catch it in his mouth and the stream would stop!  I pushed his head away and relaxed myself again and begin to have a flow only to be stopped with his face just centimeters from my sex.  Finally I passed a good amount of piss but we were in there for awhile working at it.

Once we were both satisfied we turned on the water and rinsed off.  It was very nice.

To be continued…

Beginning the Spanking

Once we were in my room I told him I would be right back.  Since I was not prepared I didn’t have my paddles or floggers or anything with me.  I went through the kitchen drawers and found a good wooden spoon.  I went back to my room and I sat down on the couch motioning for him to lay on my lap.  I like my spankos to lay on my lap head pointing to my left since I am right handed.

I began the spanking.

I almost always begin an OTK (over the knee spanking) with all our clothes on.  I do this to warm the spanko up.  I can really get a good feel for his tush and am not so worried about hurting him since the pants can be very protective.  This guy, however, did not empty his pockets out and earned a couple of ear flicks when my hand came down on his wallet in one pocket and his business cards in the other.  Once those were removed it was on!

I smacked him consistently for a while until he squirmed a little.  Then I rubbed my hand around his ass in circles helping him calm back down.  Once he was relaxed back onto my lap I began with the spanks until he was squirming again.  Again, I rubbed his ass and then a little more beginning to touch down the back of his legs.  We kept going through this cycle every time I would widen my reach – down the back of his legs, around the inside of his thighs, up to where his inner thighs connected to his torso, and finally I was reaching down in between his legs feeling his rock hard hard-on through his pants.

My spanking was working!

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Just Another Spanko? I think not…

The call came in from my special number at noonish.  The gent was asking about getting a spanking.  I had just arrived at the parking garage to go into the AVN convention but I love spanking and I love making money so we started discussing details.

He was in town for the CES Convention and wanted to come to me.  I gave him the address but then I offered to pick him up since I was just down the street from the convention.  He said sure and I got him in my car.  He was a good looking mature man… from Israel with the foreign accent to match.  We chatted about Israel and BDSM.  He liked spanking and most aspects of BDSM.  He was very happy to find someone for an afternoon spanking:)

He had said he’d be interested in more if it worked out today.  So I was on my best Dominatrix behavior.  He shared his limits and we talked about the different things he might like.  (it’s quite a drive from the convention center to my location)

We finally got to my location.  My hands were buzzing with the excitement of smacking his ass silly!  We went into the room where I session and …

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value