Human Toilet Play And Mother Son Role Play

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my last post.  I’ve missed you!

I’ll share the latest and greatest:)

First of all – the hottest session I recently had was with someone who likes to be used as a human toilet.  Piss, spit and ejaculate.  This was the 3rd time I had sessioned with this particular kinky Canadian and it was even more intense than the last time.

I always enjoy body worship but the added pleasure of having someone take every bit of liquid I have to give is super erotic and intense.  I also had him use his tongue as toilet paper on my ass and when I was ready to cum on his face I had him finger fuck my ass.

I finished before him – and happily left him hanging:)  Silly submissive boy!

I have a new lover.  He’s only 17.  I took his virginity about a week ago.  It is so fucking hot!!!  Some of the hottest and most intense sessions I have had have been with incest role play and age play.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more as time goes by…

Here’s some pics my son took of me yesterday.  Enjoy:)

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Time for a Golden Shower

Now I had to pee.  Rather than excusing myself I figured, “Why not make the most of it and piss on him?”.  I ordered him to stand up and get naked.  He was a bit shy for a moment but being very submissive he got over it quickly and began to take off his clothes.  When all his clothes were off I had him take off my shoes.  I ordered him to go into the bathroom and sit down in the bathtub.  I took off my pants and underwear and went into the bathroom.

Stepping into the bathtub I positioned myself over his chest.  He leaned in so he could catch my urine in his mouth.  I had to consciously relax myself to begin to pee.  I get so aroused working with my subs that at times it is very difficult if not impossible to piss.  In fact, what happened with this spanko is every time I started to let go he would lean forward to be as close as possible to catch it in his mouth and the stream would stop!  I pushed his head away and relaxed myself again and begin to have a flow only to be stopped with his face just centimeters from my sex.  Finally I passed a good amount of piss but we were in there for awhile working at it.

Once we were both satisfied we turned on the water and rinsed off.  It was very nice.

To be continued…