Human Toilet Play And Mother Son Role Play

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my last post.  I’ve missed you!

I’ll share the latest and greatest:)

First of all – the hottest session I recently had was with someone who likes to be used as a human toilet.  Piss, spit and ejaculate.  This was the 3rd time I had sessioned with this particular kinky Canadian and it was even more intense than the last time.

I always enjoy body worship but the added pleasure of having someone take every bit of liquid I have to give is super erotic and intense.  I also had him use his tongue as toilet paper on my ass and when I was ready to cum on his face I had him finger fuck my ass.

I finished before him – and happily left him hanging:)  Silly submissive boy!

I have a new lover.  He’s only 17.  I took his virginity about a week ago.  It is so fucking hot!!!  Some of the hottest and most intense sessions I have had have been with incest role play and age play.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more as time goes by…

Here’s some pics my son took of me yesterday.  Enjoy:)

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Restrained And Used – As A Toilet And A Dildo

I got him onto the bed and got out my straps.  He had an issue with his left shoulder so I had to get doubly creative.  Putting the velcro cuffs around is right wrist and the upper part of his left arm, I pulled a strap through beneath the pillow his head was resting on and tightened it til it would tighten no more.  Placing another cuff around his left wrist, I wrapped a strap around his belly and tightened it till he couldn’t move that arm either.  Putting a cuff around each ankle I connected straps around the foot of the bed and pulled those tight until his legs were spread open and he couldn’t move.

And then I started to use him.

I knew what he wanted because he had sent me link to a story on  I stood on the bed with a foot planted on each side of his head, squatted down and put my pussy right up to his face and said “No licking.  Do you like it?  Then you’ll have to earn it.”  Then I spun around and stuck my ass in his face and instructed him to clean it up if he wanted pussy.

He went to work licking and tonguing my asshole.  He had a very strong tongue and I couldn’t wait very long to place my pussy right onto his mouth.  Know he wanted me to use him in every way I could I began relaxing and pressing/bearing down to see if I could pee and/or fart on him to totally objectify him.  As a fart neared I pressed my asshole against his mouth and pressed it out.  Then, to successfully piss I turned around and held my pussy open directly in front of his mouth making him stop licking for a bit.  Finally I relaxed enough to give him a nice long drink.  Seeing the enjoyment in his face and feeling his body squirm beneath me was so exciting I quickly turned back around for him to continue licking my clit.  I lay down on top of him to relax and took his erection into my mouth to tease and torture as he pleased me.

Finally I came to the point of climax.  Sitting upright, I again pasted my ass to his lips and played with my swollen clit until the ultimate cum started ripping through me.  Once it began I placed my pussy over his mouth so he could again drink from me as I squirted and spasms ran through me from the groin up.G wave - Wysokie Obcasy#21 (574), 29 May 2010

Once I was finished cumming I rested a few minutes.  Once I had caught my breath I started asking about when his last orgasm was and would he be ready for another one now.  He responded with a “Yes please” and I went to work on his pecker with my hands and mouth and stuck one finger up his ass to rub his prostate.  I wasn’t being very nice though – not giving him anything rythmic so he could actually reach climax – and he asked if I could free a hand to let him jack himself off.  I did and now that my mouth was free I started talking dirty to him asking if he like licking and cleaning my dirty ass and pleasuring my slutty cunt and drinking my piss and then my pussy juice.  This only lasted a couple of minutes before he blew his load.  But I didn’t let him stop pulling on his cock – I wasn’t ready to stop seeing it.  I withdrew my finger and as I watched the chills of over-stimulation flow through his body I reminded him this is what he asked for and how much of a little slut he was.

Finally I was satisfied.  I released him and off to the shower we went.

An Unexpected Level of Intimacy With Toilet Slave

I must be honest, when I got this request I was ready to give it my best shot (so to speak) and see if I liked it even though I didn’t LOVE the idea of it.  I know I’m very intuitive and would be able to make him feel used no matter what.

– Reverse face sitting (ass on face) with deep rimming and repeated attempts by Mistress to fart into my mouth as tight seal is maintained.  If more than fart happens, it would not bother me if it does not bother Mistress.
– Golden showers with tight seal to mouth
– Face fucking with feet, toes wiggling deep in throat, training my mouth to take as much as you desire it to
– Face smothering with feet and ass

And here was my response



The truth is, I will use you as much as I can.  I know I can be full of piss for you but gas etc. is a little tougher to guarantee.  If more than gas happens I will see how I feel about it.  I don’t like the thought of it but things are different in the moment.


So we had out appointment last night and it was really amazing.  Whenever I give golden showers I have to visualize it and get over whatever level of arousal I’m experiencing to be able to pee.  This was keeping that level of focus for almost an entire hour.  Of course, we started out with the foot bath and face fucking (my feet, his face) but then we moved to the bed.  I was chugging water the whole time because I know it helps me to go if I’m full.

What made it so pleasurable is that he consistently worked his tongue the entire time as well.  I laid on him in the 69 position, put a pillow over his groin, read a magazine and drank water.  I wasn’t able to really piss like I do on the toilet due to being highly aroused but there was a pretty consistent trickle.  And that is where the intimacy came from, the fluid moving from my body to his.  I could feel it when he swallowed.

I would alternate between pussy and ass.  When my ass was on his face I would spread my cheeks and bear down.  I think it’s the deepest rimming I have ever received.  I was successful in getting several farts out into his mouth during the course of the session.  Nothing more than gas happened although he had his tongue so deep within me it was difficult to tell and I actually had to ask him for verification.

As our time came to an end I gave him some lube and watched as he masturbated and rimmed me some more.