Love Pantyhose?

One of my favorite and most loyal clients regularly has me come over wearing move shiny nylons under my skirt or dress. We sit on the couch and I drape my legs across his lap. We talkas he caresses my legs running his hands up and down slowly ggetting closer and closer to my pussy. I get all worked up and totally aroused feeling his fingertips sliding over my slit. Then I turn around and with my knees on the couch stick my ass out at him for him to caress me from behind. Eventually he can’t take it anymore and presses his face against my ass crack and then starts licking my ass and pussy through my pantyhose.eventually I can’t take it anymore and I lead him into the bedroom whet I have him lay on his back. I position my crotch right against his face and leaning over I begin to stimulate his cock. After awhile of this I get up and remove my pantyhose so he can have direct access to my pussy. While he is licking me I grind away on his face and lick his dick until I cum all over his face. Then, laying beside him and using a little lube I give him an amazing handjob that makes him cum so hard that every time he is left quaking with the aftershocks of a very intense orgasm. I lay with him until the most violent have past before I go to get a towel for him to clean up.