OTK on a Massage Table

Sitting on the edge of the massage table I had my sub walk toward me.  I was ready to give him a thorough spanking and I had my paddles set up on the table behind me within arms reach.  Because of the height of the table I spread my legs putting one foot on the floor and having him straddle my other leg instead of my whole lap.  Putting my hand on the back of his neck I pushed his torso down into the surface of the table.

I began with my hand.  I’d had him leave his clothes on so I could be a bit more ruthless and have more time hitting him (he would last longer).  I started with my hand but quickly moved on to using my paddles since he was reacting so well.  I would work him up into a frenzy with quick smacks starting with a light pressure, slowly increasing until he was starting to flinch and his body was starting to lift away from me.  Then I would stop and calm him, rubbing his head, neck and back, asking him if he was starting to feel better.  When his heart rate and breathing had returned to normal and stayed there for a couple minutes I returned to the treatment I was giving to his ass this time taking him even further.