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Submissive T

I had her lay down face down on the bed spread eagle.

My friend and I secured her tightly to the bed frame and started to play with her body.  He knelt near her head and she turned her face to suck his dick as I played with her butt cheeks and lick her asshole.

He came around behind her and started smacking her ass as I grabbed several implements of their hooks to use on her.  First was the belt.  As I was whipping her with the belt he came behind me and started licking my ass and fingering my cunt.

Nikki Ivana, Mistress Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Las Vegas Mistress, 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana

When she was obviously red and sore in addition to her pleas for me to stop I changed from the belt to a horse hair whip and whipped her with it from shoulders to heels.  Again she started crying for me to stop.  He grabbed the whip from my hands and said it seemed soft to him and sensually ran the horse hair up and down the back of her body while I grabbed a flogger.

I flogged her gently until he asked where our double ended dildo was.  I got the double ended dildo out of the drawer and put one and in T’s pussy then I climbed on top of her face down lining my pelvis up on top of hers.  He got behind us and started playing with both of us with the dildo.  It wasn’t quite long enough for him to be able to move it in and out of our pussies at the same time so he changed to be fingering my asshole as he fucked her with the dildo.

I was getting wetter and wetter and eventually started squirting my ejaculate all over T’s ass and pussy.

girls wrestlingAs the fucking became more intense I wrapped my arm around her throat and with her neck in the crook of my elbow I started applying pressure telling her what a good whore she was to be taking such a rough fucking.  There were a couple of times that she got close to passing out and I could see by the look in her eye that she was deep in subspace.

He said he wanted to have me double penetrated with T wearing the strap on dildo and me riding it while he fucked my ass.  We released her from the bed frame and she got on her back.

Double Sessions

Ivana spank telly bnw cmprssdTelly and I have been having the most amazing experiences seeing clients as a team!

Yesterday we met with a submissive man.  We both wore dresses with pantyhose and high heels.  He used his mouth and tongue to clean our shoes, feet, asses, and pussy’s!  It was fucking amazing.  While Telly was straddling his face I even slipped some sounds into his urethra.

We both squirted straight into his mouth and he consumed every bit of it!

I’m super excited for our session tonight – another double!
Ivana Telly kiss 2 cmprssdIvana Telly kiss 1 cmprssd

Meeting the Mistress

Today was a most interesting day. Knowing Mistress Ivanas more in to hard play then i am, i still agreed to the possibility of serving Her as well as becoming a play partner. i was very apprehensive as to how this might work out…was i asking Her to cater to my limits, sort of topping from the bottom, or was i being realistic. i have always subscribed to the premis that it’s what pleases Mistress that’s important….my needs are secondary, however i’m not an edge player, and not sure i have the “guts” to become one.. This relationship has to be a win/win one…W/we both have to be happy and satisfied.
i went to Mistresses house to perform several tasks…mostly to give Mistress an opportunity to see if She was satisfied with my work, but also to discuss a performance contract. we discussed my limits as well as safe rules, and Her expectations. i don’t want to ruin Mistress Ivana’s reputation, but i found Her very warm and compassionate. she understood where i was coming from and was very flexible in the contract She composed. My fears were quickly erased.
To any submissive reading this, don’t ever rule out a situation because it is out of your limits. Mistress Ivana proved that the three basics of a BDSM relationshipare there and will always be there: TRUST, RESPECT, and COMMUNICATIONS. Had i ignored those today, and not trusted Mistress Ivana, i would have missed out on what may be a life changing experience.
Thank You Mistress Ivana for a wonderful morning, and i am looking forward to the future

Service Slave Experience

Honored….embarrassed…satisified. Those are the three main emotions i felt today. Today was another step in proving to Mistress Ivana that i am worthy of being Her slave.
Yes, i can do laundry, fold towels correctly, vacuume, and do dishes, but those are just baby steps in showing my respect and devotion to Mistress.
Today my instructions were to enter the house, strip naked, and await Her inspection. Mistress was busy on the telephone when i arrived, so after i stripped i picked up around the house, so vacuuming would be easier. I felt comfortable and “at home”, i trust Mistress completely so i moved around freely, starting my chores, and waited for Mistress Ivana to do Her inspection,
However, my next big test was to come, and being totally unaware, i reacted in haste, without thinking. Her front door opened and in walked a lady who i had never met before, and was unaware She was coming over. i rushed in to anotehr room, hid for a couple minutes, and put some clothes on….that’s where teh embarrassed part came in. When Mistress walked in to the room, She asked me why i got dressed, and sheepishly i explained the arrival of teh “strange” lady. Mistress laughed and explained it was another Mistress and did not ahv e to be embarrassed in front of Her. The clothing came off immediately.
That is also where the honored part came in. This slave is highly honored to know Mistress trusts me enough to introduce me to Her friends, and being naked in front of both of them shows i have nothing to hide.
Being naked today also had a bonus treat (for me at least) Mistress tied me in a harness, and allowed me to work around the house wearing it.
All in all i am very satisfied, and will work my hardest to please Mistress.
So to sum things up…i am HONORED that Mistress is considering me as Her slave,
i am EMBARRASSED that i momentarily assumed Mistress would put me in a compromising position,
and lastly i am SATISFIED that i have done my best to please Mistress