Meeting the Mistress

Today was a most interesting day. Knowing Mistress Ivanas more in to hard play then i am, i still agreed to the possibility of serving Her as well as becoming a play partner. i was very apprehensive as to how this might work out…was i asking Her to cater to my limits, sort of topping from the bottom, or was i being realistic. i have always subscribed to the premis that it’s what pleases Mistress that’s important….my needs are secondary, however i’m not an edge player, and not sure i have the “guts” to become one.. This relationship has to be a win/win one…W/we both have to be happy and satisfied.
i went to Mistresses house to perform several tasks…mostly to give Mistress an opportunity to see if She was satisfied with my work, but also to discuss a performance contract. we discussed my limits as well as safe rules, and Her expectations. i don’t want to ruin Mistress Ivana’s reputation, but i found Her very warm and compassionate. she understood where i was coming from and was very flexible in the contract She composed. My fears were quickly erased.
To any submissive reading this, don’t ever rule out a situation because it is out of your limits. Mistress Ivana proved that the three basics of a BDSM relationshipare there and will always be there: TRUST, RESPECT, and COMMUNICATIONS. Had i ignored those today, and not trusted Mistress Ivana, i would have missed out on what may be a life changing experience.
Thank You Mistress Ivana for a wonderful morning, and i am looking forward to the future

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