Double Sessions

Ivana spank telly bnw cmprssdTelly and I have been having the most amazing experiences seeing clients as a team!

Yesterday we met with a submissive man.  We both wore dresses with pantyhose and high heels.  He used his mouth and tongue to clean our shoes, feet, asses, and pussy’s!  It was fucking amazing.  While Telly was straddling his face I even slipped some sounds into his urethra.

We both squirted straight into his mouth and he consumed every bit of it!

I’m super excited for our session tonight – another double!
Ivana Telly kiss 2 cmprssdIvana Telly kiss 1 cmprssd

Sensual Domination Part One Of Four

That has become my most common session – sensual domination.  Here are some highlites from some of my hottest Dominatrix sessions.

I have a client who specifically requested that I wear nylons and allow for foot worship.  He is so sensual!  His worship didn’t stop there – he worked his way all the way up to my ass and then my pussy, licking and pleasing – first through the nylons and then we cut holes in the pantyhose so he could have direct access – until I had to fuck him silly.  Afterward, I told him that he might like to try wearing pantyhose himself – not for the feminization of it but for the sensation.

The next time he booked he asked me to bring a pair of nylons for him!  It was sooo hot!  When it came time to cut the holes for access I had a lot of fun sensually running the scissors up and down and all around his groin area teasing him and scaring him.  When I cut the nylon away from his dick I did it very slowly so that he could feel the vibration of the threads breaking as the blades slice through.  He was such a good boy and I was so turned on I even let him in my ass and had an amazing orgasm with his cock in my ass.


Foot Model at the Foot Fetish Party

Well, that was an interesting night!  I met 1 Dominatrix and made friends.  I had sessions with 2 people and that was about it.

I have to say my favorite part was when I was getting licked in between my toes and it felt like there was a direct connection with my pussy.  During both sessions I got super wet and during one I even had to start touching myself!  It felt so good.  Both times we started with me laying on my back and them at the foot of the bed.  Then, about half way through I flipped over onto my stomach – this was more relaxing for me because I didn’t have to hold up my legs and more relaxing for them because they didn’t have to bend over to lick and suck my toes (if I had been dominating them they would have been on their knees on the floor).  Plus, they got a nice view of my ass wiggling around in pleasure and frustration.

I’m don’t know when the next party is but I do know I’d like to attend one in LA!

Bare Bottom Spanking and Foot Job

I sat on the couch with just my bra and panties on.  The naked sub laid across my lap.  I began slowly, testing the sensitivity of his bare skin.  I learned how much he could take, when he would start to squirm, and the spot that felt sweet in my palm.  I could feel his hard prick pushing into my thigh.

I started with light, quick smacks randomly alternating from cheek to cheek.  I slowly increased the intensity whipping him up into a frenzy and at the very height of it I stopped the smacking and began raking my fingernails across his skin and let him relax back down into my lap.  As soon he was settled back down I started in with the hard deep smacks.  Each smack was intense enough to make him recoil on its own.

As his jumps and squirms turned into a humping motion I ordered him to get on his knees in front of me.  I had him hold my feet, soles facing each other and fuck my feet.  It felt so good having his hard cock sliding in and out between my feet!  All finished off with nice hot cum shooting onto my foot!