Kinky Dress Up Fun | Pics From Masquerade Last Week

Last week we went to a masquerade and dressed up – it was so much fun! Just had to share the pictures:)Nikki 702-236-1975

Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580
Nikki 702-236-1975
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580
Nikki 702-236-1975
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580


Nikki 702-236-1975

Nikki 702-236-1975

Pantyhose fun Nikki 702-236-1975
Pantyhose fun
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580
Nikki 702-236-1975
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580
Nikki 702-236-1975
Mistress Ivana 702-508-0580


Double Sessions

Ivana spank telly bnw cmprssdTelly and I have been having the most amazing experiences seeing clients as a team!

Yesterday we met with a submissive man.  We both wore dresses with pantyhose and high heels.  He used his mouth and tongue to clean our shoes, feet, asses, and pussy’s!  It was fucking amazing.  While Telly was straddling his face I even slipped some sounds into his urethra.

We both squirted straight into his mouth and he consumed every bit of it!

I’m super excited for our session tonight – another double!
Ivana Telly kiss 2 cmprssdIvana Telly kiss 1 cmprssd

Sensual Domination Part One Of Four

That has become my most common session – sensual domination.  Here are some highlites from some of my hottest Dominatrix sessions.

I have a client who specifically requested that I wear nylons and allow for foot worship.  He is so sensual!  His worship didn’t stop there – he worked his way all the way up to my ass and then my pussy, licking and pleasing – first through the nylons and then we cut holes in the pantyhose so he could have direct access – until I had to fuck him silly.  Afterward, I told him that he might like to try wearing pantyhose himself – not for the feminization of it but for the sensation.

The next time he booked he asked me to bring a pair of nylons for him!  It was sooo hot!  When it came time to cut the holes for access I had a lot of fun sensually running the scissors up and down and all around his groin area teasing him and scaring him.  When I cut the nylon away from his dick I did it very slowly so that he could feel the vibration of the threads breaking as the blades slice through.  He was such a good boy and I was so turned on I even let him in my ass and had an amazing orgasm with his cock in my ass.


Pantyhose Worship – So Hot!

I show up wearing a summer dress, black nylons and heels.

I walk into his cool dark apartment.  He is wearing a robe and drinking a cocktail.

We sit on the couch – him in the middle, me to his left.

I drape my pantyhose clad legs across his lap while we chat.

He is running his hands up and down my legs making the nylon vibrate against my skin.

With every stroke he lifts my skirt further and further up until my crotch is exposed.

I’m not wearing panties.

I rub my legs and feet on his lap and gently press in around his cock.

He feels hot and opens his robe.

I take his cock first between my knees and then my feet playing with it.

He rubs his thumb over my pussy.

I open my legs resting one behind his head to give him better access.

He leans over and licks me through the nylons.

He pulls down the top of my dress exposing one breast.

I need more pressure.  I stand in front of him with my dress pulled up and slowly sit down on his lap.

I grind against him, his cock between my legs feeling the heat of my pussy.

I need more.  I reach back and rip a hole in my nylons for his dick to get into against my pussy.

I grind against his cock, not letting it slip in, getting it wet with pussy juice as I play with my dripping cunt.

He needs more.  I lay on the couch an he stands next to me putting his cock in my mouth.

I rip the nylons even more up the front and spread my legs wide and work my clit.

He gently fucks into my mouth.  Sometimes he catches my foot from the air and licks all over the nylons.

I get ready to cum.  I have him stick his fingers into my wet cunt as I frig my clit and have an intense orgasm on his fingers.

He mounts me rubbing his cock all over my sensitive pussy and I ask him to put it in.

He slowly and sensually thrusts into my pussy.

He is ready to cum.  He pulls out and pulls off the condom so I can feel his hot cum on my pantyhose.

We relax.

Love Pantyhose?

One of my favorite and most loyal clients regularly has me come over wearing move shiny nylons under my skirt or dress. We sit on the couch and I drape my legs across his lap. We talkas he caresses my legs running his hands up and down slowly ggetting closer and closer to my pussy. I get all worked up and totally aroused feeling his fingertips sliding over my slit. Then I turn around and with my knees on the couch stick my ass out at him for him to caress me from behind. Eventually he can’t take it anymore and presses his face against my ass crack and then starts licking my ass and pussy through my pantyhose.eventually I can’t take it anymore and I lead him into the bedroom whet I have him lay on his back. I position my crotch right against his face and leaning over I begin to stimulate his cock. After awhile of this I get up and remove my pantyhose so he can have direct access to my pussy. While he is licking me I grind away on his face and lick his dick until I cum all over his face. Then, laying beside him and using a little lube I give him an amazing handjob that makes him cum so hard that every time he is left quaking with the aftershocks of a very intense orgasm. I lay with him until the most violent have past before I go to get a towel for him to clean up.