Take a first step towards a happy Masterbation Awareness Month by cleaning your mind of some of the myths about masterbation you may still be holding. One of the first questions Mistress Ivana asked me was how often i masterbate. i stated that i was getting older and it just wasn’t a priority. Afterall, i stated to Mistress “i’m over 60″

Masterbation is the most commonly practiced sexual behavior in the world. Masterbation is a life long sexyal behavior. surveys show that between 70 and 90 % of all adults masterbate, and for us “old goats” 46% of males over 60 masterbate on a regular basis. i guess i have a lot of catching up to do.

For many of us brought up in a “puritanical home”, it was something bad, it would cause hair to grow in the palm of your hands. Well, let me tell you…i’m way over 60 and still don’t have a blade of hair growing in my palms.

Another myth is materbation is not REAL sex. When you masterbate you can get really aroused, which can result in a real orgasm. Now if that isn’t damn close to “real” sex, nothing is.

Myth 3 is …too much masterbation is bad for you. Well, i’ve been enjoying it the last few days, and just like too much ice cream is bad for you,,,i’m enjoying both and don’t plan on stopping.

In the short time i’ve known Mistress Ivana i feel confident that She would never do anything to harm one of Her slaves, or do something to break one of Her toys. so until She tells me to stop i just might make every month Masterbation Awareness Month

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