Sensual Domination Part Four Of Four

One shy gentleman asked me to come and shave him.  After talking awhile and learning it wasn’t as much about power exchange as it was sensation for him, we had a terrific time.  Me having him turn this way and that.  Through the course of our conversation I learned that not only had he never shaved/been shaved, he’d also never had anal sex, licked a pussy or even touched one with his hands!  He decided to keep me for an extra hour and I gave him a complete lesson showing him the anatomy of my pussy and how to pleasure it.  He had the softest touch and his nervousness turned me on completely.

I was ready to fuck and put the condom on him.  He was afraid of cumming too quick and I told him not to worry, I just wanted him in me.  Sitting cowgirl style I sank down on him and just stayed still.  Then I lubed my ass hole and repeated with my ass.  A few moments passed and I began to rock slowly and a-rhythmically.  Eventually I was so turned on I couldn’t help myself – I started sliding up and down his dick and that is what made him cum!

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